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Steve Cummings | Published on 4/6/2023 credits for Epic Passes is offering the land package credits again for Epic / Ikon pass purchases. Marcie has created a link for the club so please send this out to all members and help support me! A full epic is a $50 credit and 5 day or more epic day passes or epic local pass is a $30 land package credit. With the full epic pass, you get seven days at Telluride and unlimited at Beaver Creek. With the Epic Local pass, you get 10 days at Beaver Creek but no access or add on for Telluride.

You do have access to Telluride with the four day or more epic day passes. You must purchase at least four days and it is the epic day pass for all 32 resorts. So, if someone is going on both trips it makes sense to get the full epic pass.

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