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President - Brenda

"My first ski trip was to Welch Village for a weekend and then it was full steam ahead"

I’ve been a member of the EISC for quite a few years and enjoyed all the camaraderie, great trips and experiences that a club can offer. I have organized and enjoyed years of summer activities from biking to canoeing and picnics. I know that the future life-blood of the club is to stay relevant and continue to challenge our members to evolve, grow and welcome new members.

Vice President - Steve

"The ski club has afforded me the opportunity to travel and ski some of the greatest & most scenic resorts in the world"

Being a member has given me the chance to meet and ski with interesting and fun people which have become good friends. Serving on the board is a great experience and an opportunity to give back. I have participated in some great ski and bicycle trips, events and outings.

Secretary - Mike 

"I also enjoy cross-country skiing"


I have been a member of the EISC for over ten years and I have gone on at least one West trip each of those years. I consider myself an intermediate downhill skier and I also enjoy cross-country skiing. I participate in many of the non-ski activities of the club as well. 

Publicity/Marketing/Communications - Larry

"I am passionate about many different events the club currently offers"

I have been been an active member of EISC since 2006. I am passionate about many different events the club currently offers. My hope is to help the club by bringing new ideas to help us expand on the things we currently do, as well as, introduce new activities. 
I also hope to bring some new ideas on how we can attract new members to the club.

Membership - Teresa

"My Dad was a member way back in the day" 

Hi, my name is Teresa Smith. I've been a member of the ski club since 2008. My Dad was a member way back in the day and I actually went on a couple of ski trips with him when I was in my teens. I love to snow ski, camp and kayak. I bring a lot of energy to the board and hope to help bring new ideas and leadership. Will look for new ways to grow the club and continue to bring speakers in that will share interesting topics. Please vote for me at the February meeting.

Special Activities - Marty

""The Outdoor Fun People" says what we do. But it's the great people that defines who we are!"

My wife Janet introduced me to Ski Club when we were first married. And although I wondered what I got myself into when I tried to ski down my first hill, it's been a great time ever since. Skiing, biking, camping, kayaking, fishing, hiking and just getting together with good friends are all things I have really enjoyed. I have served on the board several years back, but felt it was time to "give back" and do it again. I want to help make sure we keep all those ski club activities on the calendar while working to see what new activities we can add.

Treasurer - Janet

"It's amazing how fast the winters go by when they are full of activities"

Many years ago some friends invited me to check out the East Iowa Ski Club. So I began as a non-skier and soon learned how much fun the EISC could be. I really enjoy the club and all of the many friendships that resulted. I am an intermediate level skier, and have alot of fun on the "blue cruisers". Recently I also began snow shoeing. It's amazing how fast the winters go by when they are full of activities. The year-round outdoor fun people. That's what we are. 

Webmaster - Kim

"The club is my social outlet"

I have been in the ski club for about 14 years now, and on the board for 12, and I consider the club to be my social outlet. The members are more like family than just friends. I have many memories to cherish with these folks. I believe that is why I enjoy doing so much work for the club. I believe we are special group of people, with many talents, and we are fortunate that they share those talents.

Skiddoo Editor - Mary Jean

"The thing I value the most about this club is the great people involved!"

I have been a member of the ski club for many years. I don't downhill ski anymore but love to cross country and snow shoe. I went on my first out-west trip with the club to Vail this year! I enjoy all the on/off season activities. There is such a variety of choices, anyone can find something they enjoy doing. The thing I value the most about this club is the great people involved! They are friendly, helpful and supportive as well as a great deal of fun!