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New Airline Service to Telluride
Published on: 5/12/2019
TELLURIDE, Colorado (April 9, 2019) – For the first time in its history, the Telluride Regional Airport (TEX) will offer commercial jet service. Denver Air Connection, who maintain an interline relationship with United Airlines, will launch daily flights on the 30-seat Dornier 328JET from Denver (DEN) to TEX on May 15, 2019. The flights will operate year-round with the exception of two short seasonal breaks in spring and fall.
Sometimes Our Bodies Need Help
Published on: 5/12/2019
There are times when we can benefit from some extra help, especially as we age or develop chronic medical conditions.

EISC Newsletter

May 2019 Newsletter
Published on: 5/1/2019
News on Post Party recap, March of Dimes, MPO Bike Ride, Summer Happenings, Spring Picnic, Cedar Falls/Waterloo bike ride, Kernals night, Summer car rally, Golf outing, Katy Trail bike ride, Season pass
April 2019 Newsletter
Published on: 4/1/2019
News on Mount Bachelor trip recap, Post Party updates, March of Dimes, Summer Happenings, Kernels Baseball, Golf at Wildcat, Katy Trail bike ride, member survey results, new webpage of board members & trips from the past.
March 2019 Newsletter
Published on: 3/1/2019
News on upcoming March member meeting, Beaver Creek recap, Mt. Bachelor trip, X-country/snowshoe schedule, Post Party plans, Kernels baseball planning, Katy Trail bike ride, board of directors election results, member survey results, and Kim's Korner on Forums.
February 2019 Newsletter
Published on: 2/1/2019
News on Beaver Creek, Mt. Bachelor, X-Country schedule, Post Party plans
January 2019 Newslsetter
Published on: 1/2/2019
News on Sundown ski day, Cascade/Devils Head, Beaver Creek, Mt. Bachelor, X-Country schedule, Post Party plans & nominees for the board.
December 2018 Newsletter
Published on: 12/30/2018
News on 40th anniversary, Beaver Creek, Cascade/Devils Head, Sundown, Ugly Sweater contest
November 2018 Newsletter
Published on: 11/5/2018
News on Sundown Ski day, Baraboo ski trip, Beaver Creek and Mount Bachelor
October 2018 Newsletter
Published on: 10/15/2018
News from the October Skiddoo
September 2018 Newsletter
Published on: 10/15/2018
News on September newsletter
August 2018 Newsletter
Published on: 7/31/2018
News on the Corn Roast, Takes to the River, Decorah bike ride, Beaver Creek, Mt. Bachelor, Cedar Trail pictures, Car Cruise pictures, Kernels game pics, Golf outing pics, Paddle Day pics, 40th Anniversary Logo & apparel, and Real-ID info.
July 2018 Newsletter
Published on: 7/9/2018
News on Center Point bike ride, Car Cruise, Kernel's baseball, Wildcat golf, Paddle day, Corn Roast, Decorah Bike Ride, Beaver Creek, Mt. Bachelor & GDPR.
June 2018 Newsletter
Published on: 6/5/2018
News on Ski trips for this winter, Spring picnic, Waterloo/Cedar Falls ride, Car Cruise, Kernels baseball, Wildcat Golf, Corn Roast, and MPO ride recap.
May 2018 Newsletter
Published on: 5/3/2018
News on Season Passes, Corrodor MPO bike ride, Spring Picnic, Cedar Falls/Waterloo bike ride, Car cruise, Wildcat golf and Post Party pictures.
April 2018 Newsletter
Published on: 4/3/2018
News on March Member meeting photos, Rough Riders recap, Spring Picnic, Golf outing, Post Party details, Corn Roast announcement
March 2018 Newsletter
Published on: 3/1/2018
News on Twin Cities trip recap, Hockey Game, Golf outing, Post Party, election results and survey results
February 2018 Newsletter
Published on: 1/30/2018
News on Soup & Chili Cookoff recap, Steamboat trip recap, Twin Cities Winter Carnival trip, Hockey in March, Golf this July, Election nominees.
January 2018 Newsletter
Published on: 1/2/2018
News on Salvation Army, December meeting recap, Soup & Chili Cookoff planning, Sundown Mountain recap, Steamboat trip, Twin Cities Winter Carnival, X-country/Snowshoe schedule, Board election bios & absentee ballot.
December 2017 Newsletter
Published on: 11/29/2017
News on Sundown Mountain, Steamboat, Lutsen cancellation, Twin City Winter Carnival, X-C & Snowshoe schedule, food donation thank you, elections committee & Salvation Army Bell Ringing.
November 2017 Newsletter
Published on: 11/1/2017
News on Sundown Mountain, Steamboat, Lutsen and Food Bank donations.
October 2017 Newsletter
Published on: 10/8/2017
News on Kickoff, Heritage Trail Ride day, Sundown Mountain, Steamboat & Lutsen.
September 2017 Newsletter
Published on: 9/6/2017
News on: Corn Roast recap, Takes to the River recap, Heritage Trail Bike Ride day, Kickoff, Sundown Mountain day, Steamboat Ski Trip, Lutsen Ski Trip.
August 2017 Newsletter
Published on: 8/1/2017
News on Wildcat Golf, Corn Roast, Takes to the River, Steamboat, Sundown Mountain, Lutsen
July 2017 Newsletter
Published on: 7/4/2017
News on Spring Picnic recap, Kernals game recap, Neal Smith bike weekend recap, Wildcat golf, Corn Roast, Steamboat Springs trip, Sundown Mountain ski day & Lutsen ski weekend.
June 2017 Newsletter
Published on: 5/30/2017
News on Spring Picnic, Kernel's game, Neal Smith Bike weekend, Wildcat golf, Corn Roast, Steamboat, Sundown and Lutsen.
May 2017 Newsletter
Published on: 5/2/2017
More news on the Tour de Trashmore, Spring Picnic, Kernels game, Neal Smith Trail bike ride, golf outing, and ski trips for next winter.
April 2017 Newsletter
Published on: 4/1/2017
More news on Post Party, Tour de Trashmore, Kernels, Neal Smith bike weekend, Wildcat golf day, Banff/Lake Louise recap and pictures and election results.
March 2017 Newsletter
Published on: 3/1/2017
More news on Hawkeye Basketball, Post Party signup, Spring Picnic, Kernals game, Wildcat golf & survey results.
February 2017 Newsletter
Published on: 1/31/2017
More news on Soup and Chili Cookoff, Vail trip, Banff trip, Chestnut trip, Post Party.
January 2017 Newsletter
Published on: 1/1/2017
More News on the Soup and Chili Cookoff, Cross country schedule, Vail trip, Chestnut Weekend, Banff/Lake Louise and Hawkeye basketball

There are pictures and recap of the food drive, Salvation Army bell ringing and Sundown Mountain ski day.
December 2016 Newsletter
Published on: 11/30/2016
News on cross-country and snowshoe schedule, Salvation Army Bell Ringing, Sundown Mountain, Vail, Chestnut Mountain, Banff / Lake Louise, Hawkeye Basketball and the world's longest shot-ski.
November 2016 Newsletter
Published on: 11/1/2016
News on Salvation Army Bell Ringing, Food Drive, Sundown Mountain Day, Vail ski trip, Chestnut Mountain weekend, Banff/Lake Louise ski trip and tutorial on how to sign up for trips online.
October 2016 Newsletter
Published on: 10/1/2016
More news Sundown Day, Vail, Chestnut, Banff / Lake Louise, Takes Farm recap, Rainy Lake recap and Kickoff recap.
September 2016 Newsletter
Published on: 8/31/2016
News on Jingle Cross, Vail, Banff, Chestnut Mountain, and Sparta bike trip & Corn Roast recap. How to map venue to an Android phone.
August 2016 Newsletter
Published on: 8/1/2016
News on Elroy-Sparta bike weekend, Corn Roast, Takes Farm outing, Rainy Lake, Kickoff, Jingle Cross, Vail and Banff/Lake Louise trips, renewal tips.
July 2016 Newsletter
Published on: 7/1/2016
News on Golf outing, Sparta - Elroy bike weekend, Corn Roast, Rainy Lake trip, Jingle Cross, Vail trip, Banff / Lake Louise trip, Kernels Baseball wrapup, How to pay for ski trips and how to sign up for trips online.
June 2016 Newsletter
Published on: 6/1/2016
News on Spring picnic, Waterloo/Cedar Falls Bike Ride, Kernels Baseball, Golf, Elroy-Sparta trail weekend, Corn Roast, Rainy Lake, Jingle Cross and how to update your membership directory information.
May 2016 Newsletter
Published on: 5/1/2016
News on Titans Football, Spring Picnic, Cedar Falls Bike Ride, Kernels baseball, Golf outing, Sarta/Elroy bike trip, Corn Roast, Rainy Lake, Jingle Cross, Pat Hamer bike ride and Post party pictures.
April 2016 Newsletter
Published on: 3/28/2016
More news on Pat Hammer bike ride, Post Party, Titans football, Spring picnic, Cedar Falls bike ride, Kernel's baseball, Rainy Lake trip and a recap of Roughriders Hockey and the Park City/Canyons/Deer Valley trip.
March 2016 Newsletter
Published on: 3/1/2016
More News on the
Pictures and recap of the Interlaken/Prague trip
February 2016 Newsletter
Published on: 2/1/2016
Park City trip, Hockey night, Rainey Lake houseboat trip, elections, Shop/Ski pictures, Soup and Chili Cookoff results
January Club Meeting - Soup and Chili cookoff
Published on: 1/15/2016
Updated Post
January 2016 Newsletter
Published on: 12/29/2015
More news on the Afton/Alps trip, Interlaken/Prague trip, Canyons/Park City/Deer Valley trip, Rough Riders Hockey and Sundown Mountain Day.
December 2015 Newsletter
Published on: 12/1/2015
News on bell ringing, Sundown mountain day, Shop/Ski-Mall of America trip, Interlaken/Prague trip, Canyons/Park City/Deer Valley trip, Rough Riders hockey night, and cross country skiing schedule.
November 2015 Newsletter
Published on: 11/1/2015
More new on the Sundown Mountain day, Shop/Ski trip, Interlaken trip, Canyons trip, food drive. There are pictures and recap of the October meeting.
October 2015 Newsletter
Published on: 9/29/2015
More news on the winter ski trips - Interlaken/Prague, and Canyons/Park City Utah. The Shop/Ski trip details are within. There are pictures and recap of the High Trestle bike trip and Boundary Waters.
September 2015 Newsletter
Published on: 9/1/2015
More news on winter ski trips - Interlaken/Prague, and Park City Utah. The Midwest trip details are revealed. Recap of Take's Farm day & Corn Roast. Upcoming Boundary Waters trip and Kickoff. Also lots of information about travel insurance.
August 2015 Newsletter
Published on: 8/1/2015
More news on winter ski trips - Interlaken/Prague, and Park City Utah, along with rules for signing up. Recap of Car Cruise and golf tournament. Upcoming Kathy's Kayak day, Corn Roast, High Trestle Bridge bike ride and Boundary Waters trip.
July 2015 Newsletter
Published on: 7/1/2015
More news on winter ski trips - Interlaken/Prague, and Park City Utah, along with rules for signing up. Recap of the Kernals baseball game and the Cedar Falls Bike ride. Upcoming golf tourney at Brown Deer, Kathy's Kayak day, Corn Roast, High Trestle Bridge bike ride and Boundary Waters trip.
June 2015 Newsletter
Published on: 6/1/2015
The reveal of this winter's big ski trips, Kernels baseball game, Cedar Falls Bike ride, Car adventure, golfing, Kathy's Kayak weekend, High Trestle bridge ride, Boundary Waters preliminary info.
May 2015 Newsletter
Published on: 4/28/2015
News of upcoming Ski Club events such as Spring Picnic, Kernels Baseball, Golf Outing at Brown Deer, Cedar Falls Bike ride, Classic/Sports car cruise, Takes Farm Campout and Corn Roast.
April 2015 Newsletter
Published on: 3/31/2015
News of upcoming Ski Club events such as Rough Riders hockey, Post Party, Spring Picnic, Cedar Falls bike ride and car cruise.
March 2015 Newsletter
Published on: 3/18/2015
News of Ski Club events such as Rough Riders hockey, Post Party, Spring Picnic, Kernels baseball, golf at Brown Deer, Copper mountain pictures and Big Sky pictures.
February 2015 Newsletter
Published on: 2/4/2015
News of Ski Club events such as trip to Granite Peak in Wausau Wisconsin, Copper Mountain in Colorado and our trip to Big Sky Montana.


Darryl Hokanson featured in a Vinton article
Published on: 6/13/2015
Our own Darryl Hokanson is featured in an article about local artists in the Vinton area.