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Kent Park Picnic
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Yes I will be there. Looking forward to seeing my ski club family.
Kent Park Picnic

We will be meeting at Deer Run Shelter at Kent Park on Saturday, from 3 pm to 9 pm.

Due to the recent storm, the city of Cedar Rapids has cancelled all shelter contracts through August 30, so, we had to abandon our original location. However, we thought people might still want to take time out from their clean-up efforts to share stories and helpful information, or just to forget their troubles for a while.

There WON'T be the usual ski club directional signs in the park (per the contract) but we will have the flag at the Deer Run Shelter.

This will be fun, but with Covid-19 and in a time of social
distancing, things need to be a little different.
The Picnic will be at 3:00 pm till 9:00 pm at the Deer Run Shelter at Kent Park.
There will be NO potluck sharing of food or drinks, you will have to
bring your own. (Sorry I hate this virus!)
Bring any lawn games you may have.

Deer Run Shelter at Kent Park
Kent Park Web Site
2048 Highway 6 NW
Oxford, IA 52322
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