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Written in 1982.....
"In 1962, about a hundred enthusiastic Iowa skiers banned together to form a 'Ski Club' for the purpose of encouraging skiing, group trips and the camaraderie that is part of skiing.  Over the past 20 years our club has grown from 100 members to over 1500 members.  Due to varying geographic locations of members (as well as Board members) and the complexities of running a club this large, a separation of grounds happened. This separation gave birth to the East Iowa Ski Club."

1979-1980 Board members:
Jack Read-president
Tom Pitner
Dave Dicken
Sue Thomas
Thom Petersen
Gordon Bowman
Betsy Schulte
Cindy Schroder
Nancy McCullough

1980-1981 Board members:

Jack Read-president
Dave Dicken-VP
Tom Pitner-legal advisor
Duane Seward-trip coordinator
Thom Petersen-asstant trip coordinator
Dwayne "W.C." Fields-House
Phil Ernst-special activities/promotion
Sue Thomas-Secretary
Carl Schuck
non-board positions:
Gail Schmidt-treasurer
Mary Bearns-dues processor
Molly Zach-mailing list maintainer
Helen Potthoff-mailing crew
Nancy McCullough-Skiddoo editor

1981-1982 Board members: 
Carl Schuck-president
Phil Ernst-VP
Jack Read-Immediate past president
Debra Shields-secretary
Duane Seward-trip coordinator
Dwayne "W.C." Fields-asst. trip coordinator
Thom Peterson-house
Sondra Bolsinger-assistant house
Cindy Schroder-special activities/promotion
non-board positions:
Gayle Schmidt-treasurer
Mary Bearns-dues processor
Molly Zach-mailing list maintainer
Helen Potthoff-mailing crew manager
Dennis Ford-Skiddoo editor

1982-1983 Board members:

Carl Schuck-president
Jack Read
Phil Ernst
Debra Shields
Duane Seward
Dewayne (W.C.) Fields
Sondra Bolsinger
Cindy Schroder
Ron Saboe
Margo Tumey

1983-1984 Board members:
Cindy Schroder-president
Duane Seward- VP & trip coordinator
Robin Heller-trip coordinator
Sondra Bolsinger-house
Ron Saboe-recruiter/nominating committee
Phil Ernst-secretary
Margo Tumey-special activities
Cyndy Simmons-editor
John Deklotz-assistant house
Jack Read-immediate past president
Steve Ferguson-public relations
non-board positions:
Vivian Baier-assistant editor
Mary Bearns-dues processor
Julie Campbell-treasurer
Helen Pothoff-mailing crew leader

1984-1985 Board members: 
Robin Heller-president
Phil Ernst-VP, week-long tirp coordinator
Bob Thorkildson-trip coordinator
Cyndy Simmons-secretary
Sondra Bolsinger-house & membership
Margaret Handfeldt-publicity
Margo Tumey-special activities
Dale Minick-ass't special activities
Ron Saboe-technical advisor/clinics
Cindy Schroder-immediate past president

1985-1986 Board members:
Robin Heller-president
Stan Smith-VP & membership
Jim Wilson-secretary/publicity
Dale Minick-trip coordinator
Margo Ahrendson-special activities
Ron Saboe-house & cllnics
Bob Thorkildson-trip coordinator
Brian Garbe-ass't special activities
Phil Earnst-hous& clinics/X-country coordinator
non-board positions:
Helen Pothoff-dues processor
Julie Minick-treasurer
Glenda Turner-Skiddoo editor
Janet Owen-mailing crew leader

1986-1987 Board members:
Robin Heller-president
Pam Peterson-VP/membership
Annette Relfe-secretary/publicity
Dale Minick-trip coordinator
Bob Thorkildson-trip coordinator
Stan Smith-house/clinics
Brian Garbe-special activities
Craig Martinson-activities assistant

1987-1988 Board Members:
Pam Peterson-president
Bob Thorkildson-VP/house & clinics
Kathy Naber-secretary/advertising
Craig Martinson-special activities
Don Boland-publicity/special activities
Annette Refle-membership
Dale Minick-trip coordinator
Helen Carlson-trip coooordinator
Robin Heller-immediate past president
non-board positions:
Amy Kilpatrick-Skiddoo editor
Glenda Roberts-dues processor
Janet Owen-mailing crew leader
Julie Minick-treasurer

1988-1989 Board Members:
Pam Peterson-president
Annette Refle-VP & membership
Kathy Naber-secretary
Helen Carlson-Skiddoo editor
Don Boland-special activities
Irma Mrazek-special activities
Vicki Leonard-trip coordinator
Tim MacDonald-trip coordinator

1989-1990 Board Members: 
Don Boland-president
Pam Peterson-VP/special activities
Diane Anderson-trip coordinator
Mike Coates-house/clinics
Kathy Healy-secretary/door workers
Vicki Leonard-membership/dues processing
Tim MacDonald-trip coordinator
Chuck Webb-special activities/publicity

1990-1991 Board Members:
Don Boland-president
Check Webb-VP/special activities
Diane Anderson-trip coordinator
Kathy Beiner-special activities
Mike Coates-house/clinics
Steve Heyer-membership/publicity
Lois Kabela-secretary 
Dave Mahlke-trip coordinator

1991-1992 Board Members:
Don Boland-president
Kathy Beiner-VP & special activities
Anne Wichael-secretary
Lois Kabela-special activities
Brian Butts-special activities
Sondra Bolsinger-house & clinics
Dave Mahlke-trip coordinator
Brenda Neal-trip coordinator
Steve Heyer-membership
Appointed Individuals:
Julie Minick-treasurer
Linda Ferguson-Skiddoo editor & mail crew

1992-1993 Board Members:
Kathy Beiner-president
Brenda Neal, VP & trips
Don Boland, secretary
Sondra Bolsinger-membership
Steve Heyer-special activities
Mark Beiner-special activities
Anne Wichael-special activities
Randy Millsap-trip coordinator
Ed Swafford-trip coordinator
Janet Stimson-treasurer
Linda Ferguson-Skiddoo editor

1993-1994 Board Members:
Brenda Garbe-president
Steve Heyer-VP, publicity & special activities
Randy Millsap-secretary
Ed Swafford-trip coordinator
Tim Fannin-trip coordinator
Audrey Dessaur-trip coordinator
Mark Beiner-special activities
Loras Kremer-special activities
Rich McDonald-house & clinics
Janet Stimson-treasurer
Linda Ferguson-Skiddoo editor

1994-1995 Board Members:
Brenda Garbe-president
Steve Heyer-VP, publicity & special activities
Roberta Martinson-secretary
Audrey Dessauer-trip coordinator
Tim Fannin-trip coordinator
DiAnn Stebens-trip coordinator
Pat Clark-special activities
Mark Beiner-special activities
Loras Kremer-house/clinics
Pat Ribble-membership
Janet Stimson-treasurer
Linda Ferguson-Skiddoo editor

1995-1996 Board Members:
Roberta Martinson-president
Pat Clark-VP, special activities
Jerry Roland-secretary
Di Ann Stevens- trip coordinator
Dan Wall-trip coordinator
Don Gray-trip coordinator
Mark Beiner-trip coordinator, special activities
Marty Stimson-special activities, house & clinics
Pat Ribble-membership, publicity
Brenda Garbe-immediate past president
Janet Stimson-treasurer
Linda Ferguson-Skiddoo editor

1996-1997 Board Members:
Pat Clark-president
Jerry Roland-VP, trip coordinator
Melinda Harlow-secretary, special activities
Pat Ribble-membership, publicity
Don Gray-house & clinics
Dan Wall-trip coordinator
Marty Stimson-trip coordinator
Karl Miller-trip coordinator, special activities
Kathy Ward-special activities
Janet Stimson-treasurer
Linda Ferguson-Skiddoo editor
Roberta Martinson-immediate past president

1997-1998 Board Members:
Pat Clark-president
Don Gray-VP, house & clinics
Jim Landherr-secretary, special activities
Pat RIbble-membership, publicity
Brad Hess-trip coordinator
Melinda Harlow-trip coordinator
Marsha Fannin-trip coordinator
Karl Miller-trip coordinator
Kathy Ward-special activities
Tammy Keller-special activities
Janet Stimson-treasurer
Joan Sebers-Skiddoo editor

1998-1999 Board Members:
Pat Boland-president
Don Gray-VP, trip coordinator
Steve Boerhave-secretary, special activities
Julie Gilmore-membership
Marsha Fannin-trip coordinator
Diane Reinertson-trip coordinator
Brad Hess-trip coordinator
Tammy Keller-special activities
Jim Landherr-special activities
JoAnn Hanson-house & clinics, special activities
Janet Stimson-treasurer
Joan Gray-Skiddoo editor

1999-2000 Board Members:
Pat Boland-president
Diane Anderson-VP
Steve Boerhave-secretary, special activities, trip coordinator
Julie Gilmore-membership/publicity
Jo Ann Hanson-house & clinics
Diane Reinertson-trip coordinator
Steve Serrot-trip coordinator
Sondra Bolsinger-special activities
Dennis Smolik-special activities
Janet Stimson-treasurer
Joan Gray-Skiddoo editor

2000-2001 Board Members:
Dan Suerbrei-president
Tom Tapp-VP, publicity & clinics, trip coordinator
Dennis Bossard-secretary, trip coordinator
Sondra Bolsinger-membership/house, special activities
Dave Young-trip coordinator
Chris Kalmar-trip coordinator
Dennis Smolik-special activities
Janet Stimson-treasurer
Mary Jean Blaisdell-Skiddoo editor

2001-2002 Board Members:
Tom Tapp-president
Jeff Owen-VP, trip coordinator, special activities
Dennis Bossard-secretary, membership/house/clinics
Dick Maresh-membership/house/clinics
Chris Kalmar-publicity (CR), webmaster
Dick Means-publicity (IC)
Mary Jean Blaisdell-special activities, Skiddoo editor
Janet Stimson-treasurer
Ian Bull-webmaster

2002-2003 Board Members:
Brenda Garbe-president, membership
Brian Keller-VP, trip coordinator
Dennis Bossard-secretary
Marty Stimson-house/clinics, Skiddoo editor
Chris Kalmar-house/clinics, trip coordinator, webmaster
Bob Mickelson-publicity, special activities
Dick Means-publicity (IC), trip coordinator
Jeff Owen-special activities
Janet Stimson-treasurer

2003-2004 Board Members:
Brenda Garbe-president, publicity, membership
Brian Keller-VP, special activities
Bob Mickelson-secretary, publicity, house/clinics
Chris Kalmar-house/clinics, webmaster
Marty Stimson-house/clinics, Skiddoo editor
Brad Vircks-trip coordinator
Connie Miller-special activities
Janet Stimson-treasurer

2004-2005 Board Members:
Brenda Garbe-president
Marty Stimson-VP, Skiddoo editor
Nancy Cleary-secretary, publicity, membership
Chris Kalmar-house/clinics, trip coordinator, webmaster
Brad Vircks-trip coordinator
Connie Miller-special activities
Mary Day-special activities
Janet Stimson-treasurer

2005-2006 Board Members:
Brenda Garbe-president, trip coordinator
Marty Stimson-VP, trip coordinator, Skiddoo Editor
Nancy Cleary-secretary, publicity
Stuart Seiler-house/clinics, publicity
Chris Kalmar-house/clinics, webmaster
Sue Goettel-special activities
Mary Day-special activities
Janet Stimson-treasurer

2006-2007 Board Members: 
Mary Day-president
Sue Goettel-VP, special activities
Nancy Cleary-secretary, publicity
Stuart Seiler-house/clinics, membership
Kim Robu-trip coordinator
Becky Gordon-trip coordinator
Chris Kalmar-house/clinics, webmaster
Janet Stimson-treasurer

2007-2008 Board Members:
Kim Robu-president
Becky Gordon-VP, trip coordinator, house/clinics
Chris Kalmar-secretary, publicity, webmaster
Mary Day-house/clinics, trip coordinator
Nancy Cleary-membership, special activities
Sue Goettel-special activities
Rosanne Matuszek-special activities
Marty Stimson-Skiddoo editor
Janet Stimson-treasurer

2008-2009 Board Members:
Kim Robu-president
Rosanne Matuszek-VP, secretary, special activities
Chris Kalmar-house/clinics, webmaster
Sally Williams-publicity, membership, special activies
Jim Wittnebel-trip coordinator
Steve Cummings-trip coordinator
Sue Goettel-special activities
Marty Stimson-Skiddoo editor
Janet Stimson-treasurer

2009-2010 Board Members: 
Kim Robu-president
Jim Wittnebel-VP, trip coordinator
Rosanne Matuszek-secretary, house/clinics, special activities
Sally Williams-publicity, membership, special activities
Steve Cummings-trip coordinator
Teri Barnhart-special activities
Chris Kalmar-Skiddoo editor, webmaster
Janet Stimson-treasurer

2010-2011 Board Members: 
Steve Cummings-president
Kim Robu-VP, membership, house/clinics, Skiddoo editor, webmaster
Rosanne Matuszek-Secretary, special activities
Sally Williams-publicity, special activities
Jim Wittnebel-trip coordinator
Teri Barnhart-house/clinics
Chris Kalmar-Skiddoo editor, webmaster
Janet Stimson-treasurer

2011-2012 Board Members: 
Steve Cummings-president
Jim Wittnebel-VP, trip coordinator
Kim Robu-secretary, house/clinics, Skiddoo editor, membership, webmaster
Sally Williams-publicity, house/clinics
Teri Barnhart-house/clinics
Gary Masbruch-special activities, house/clinics
Chris Kalmar-Skiddoo editor, webmaster
Janet Stimson-treasurer

2012-2013 Board Members:
Steve Cummings-president
Jim Wittnebel-VP, trip coordinator
Kim Robu-secretary, publicity, membership
Chris Kalmar-publicity, house/clinics, skiddoo editor
Teri Barnhart-house/clinics
Gary Masbruch-special activities, house/clinics
Bob Thorkildson-webmaster
Janet Stimson-treasurer

2013-2014 Board Members: 
Jim Wittnebel-President, trip coordinator
Bob Thorkilson-VP, house/clinics, website
Kim Robu-secretary, publicity, membership
Chris Kalmar-website, house/clinics
Teri Barnhart-Skiddoo editor, house/clinics
Gary Masbruch-special activities, house/clinics
Steve Cummings-trip coordinator, special activities
Janet Stimson-treasurer

2014-2015 Board Members: 

Bob Thorkildson-president, special activities, website
Jim Wittnebel-VP, trip coordinator
Kim Betts-secretary, publicity, house/clinics, membership
Chris Kalmar-website, house/clinics
Teri Barnhart-Skiddoo editor, house/clinics
Gary Masbruch-special activities, publicity
Mike Buckman-trip coordinator, special activities
Janet Stimson-treasurer

2015-2016 Board Members:
Bob Thorkildson-president, special activities, house/clinics
Jim Wittnebel-VP, trip coordinator
Kim Betts, secretary, publicity, house/clinics, website, membership
Larry Smith, website, publicity/marketing
Teri Barnhart-Skiddoo editor, house/clinics
Gary Masbruch-special actvities, house/clinics
Mike Buckman-trip coordinator
Janet Stimson-treasurer

2016-2017 Board Members:
Mike Buckman-president, trip coordinator
Bob Thorkildson-VP, special activities
Kim Betts-secretary, publicity, house/clinics, website, membership
Larry Smith-website, publicity/marketing
Teri Barnhart-Skiddoo editor, house/clinics
Gary Masbruch-house/clinics
Jim Wittnebel-trip coordinator, special activites
Janet Stimson-treasurer

2017-2018 Board Members:
Mike Buckman-president, trip coordinator
Bob Thorkildson-VP, special activities, house/clinics
Kim Betts, secretary, website, membership
Jim Wittnebel-trip coordinator, special activites
Larry Smith-publicity/marketing
Ange Miller-house/clinics
Marty Stimson-special activities
Mary Jean Blaisdell-Skiddoo editor
Janet Stimson-treasurer

2018-2019 Board Members: 
Brenda Garbe-president
Steve Cummings-VP, trip coordinator
Mike Buckman-secretary, assistant trip coordinator
Linda Berry- assistant trip coordinator, house/clinics
Larry Smith-communications/publicity/marketing, special activities
Ange Miller-membership, special activities
Marty Stimson-special activities, house/clinics
Kim Betts-website
Mary Jean Blaisdell-Skiddoo editor
Janet Stimson-treasurer

1979-1980 Ski Trips:
Dec 27-Jan 1 Lutsen-Nancy Bramer
Jan 5 Sundown I-Dewayne "W.C." Fields
Jan 11-13 Telemark- Margy Kinsinger
Jan 19-26 Summit Co.-Duane Seward
Feb 2 Sundown II-Kelvin Bronner
Feb 9-10 Indianhead/Blackjack-Cindy Schroder
Feb 23-Mar 2 Jackson Hole- Paul Novak & Dee Winkie
Mar 1 Sundown III- Gary Leitke
Mar 8-9 Afton-Dave Acton
Mar 15-23 Aspen-Chuck & Leigh Norton
Apr 5-13 Salt Lake-Sondra Bolsinger-cancelled

1980-1981 Ski Trips:
Dec 27-Jan 1 Upper Michigan-Cindy Schroeder
Jan 10-11 Telemark-Dale Hanna
Jan 24 Sundown I-Mike Harries
Jan 24-31 Crested Butte-Bill Kurtz
Jan 31-Feb 1 Afton Alps I-Dona Rosdail
Feb 14-15 Sundown II-Dave & Carol Seelinger
Feb 20-Mar 1 Steamboat-Gordon Bowman
Feb 28-Mar 1 Afton Alps II- Joan Ritzenthalor
Mar 7 Sundown III-Terry Osmanski
Mar 14-15 Indianhead-Steve Williams, Fred Hubler
Mar 20-29 Summit County-David Funk

1981-1982 Ski Trips:
Dec 27-Jan 1 Upper Michigan-Nancy McCullough
Jan 8-10 Afton Alps-Betsy Schulte
Jan 17 Sundown I-Cyndy Simmons
Jan 22-24 Telemark-Gary Liedtke
Jan 22-31 Aspen-Dale Hanna
Feb 6 Sundown II-Craig Kroupa
Feb 12-14 Welch Village-Helen Potthoff
Feb 26-Mar 7-Summit County-Joan Ritzenthaler
Feb 27 Sundown III-Ron Leonard
Mar 12-14 Indianhead-Fred Hubler
Mar 19-28-Sun Valley-Dee Winkie

1982-1983 Ski Trips: 
Dec 28-Jan 2 Upper Mich.-Vernon Komenda-cancelled
Jan 21-23 Welch Village- Elaine Paische
Jan 28-Feb 6 Winter Park-Gary Liedtke-cancelled
Feb 12-13 Mt. Lacrosse-Bob Melde-cancelled
Feb 11 Afton-Welch-Bob Melde (replaced Lacrosse)
Feb 18-20 Spirit Mountain-Robin Heller, Linda Belcher
Feb 25-Mar 6 Steamboat-Helen Pottoff
Feb 25-27 Afton Alphs-Ray Kohl
Mar 11-13 Indianhead-Cyndy Simmons, Vivian Baier-cancelled
Mar 25-Apr 3  Summit County-Nancy Sebastian
Jan 2, Feb 6, Mar 6 Sundown Sundays
Jan 16, Feb 20, Mar 20 Squaw Creek X-country

1983-1984 Ski Trips:
Dec 27-Jan 1 Lutsen-Spirit Mountain-Linda Belcher
Jan 14 LaCrosse-Carolyn Kirby
Jan27-29 Telemark-Jeanne DeMeulenaere, Diane Reinertson
Feb 3-12 Aspen - Dewayne "W..C." Fields
Feb 3-5 Welch Village-Tammy Carnes
Feb 24-26 Afton/Trollhaugen-Vivian Baier, Steve Hilby
Mar 9-18 Summit County-Ray Kohl, Bob Thorkildson
Mar 4-10 Tahoe-Phil Ernst, Deb & Rob Boots (Cedarloo Club)

1984-1985 Ski Trips:
Dec 28-Jan 1 Telemark-Jim Wilson
Jan 12 Welch-Donna Geers, Annette Rifle
Jan18-27 Innsbruck-Darcy Parizek  (our first international trip)
Jan 18-27 Indian Head/Black Jack-Gary Schultz
Feb 2 LaCrosse-Pam Mitchler, Carolyn Kirby
Feb 2-3 Spring Green-Jerry & Amy Guthrie
Feb 8-10 Spirit Mountain-Janet Owen, Kathy Naber
Feb 15-24 Steamboat-Dave Acton
Feb 22-24 Afton/Welch-Brian Garbe, Rick Hanson
Mar 2-Welch-Jake & Patti Jakoubek
Mar 8-17 Sun Valley-Stan Smith 

1985-1986 Ski Trips:
Dec 14 Welch Village I-Craig Martinson
Dec 27-Jan 1 Upper Michigan-Janet Owen
Jan 4-5 Matsell Park-David Perkins
Jan 11 Welch Village II-Duane & Linda Van Winkle
Jan 17-19 Afton Alps/Welch Village I-Vivan Baier, Bob Harmon
Jan 24-26 Spring Green-Sue Goettel
Jan 25 Mt. LaCrosse-Glenda Turner
Jan 31-Feb 2 Spirit Mountain-Kathy Neber, Sherri Bolton
Feb 7-16 Summit County-Annette Refle, Nancy Grove
Feb 8 Welch Village III-Pam Peterson, Mke Coates, Kathy Ward
Feb 14-16 Devil's Head-Suresh Ganu, Jim Wilson
Feb 21-23 Afton Alps/Welch Village II-Vivian Baier, Bob Harmon
Mar 1-8 Salt Lake City-Julie Minick, Gordon Bowman
Mar 22-30 Winter Park-Bill Bonewitz, Sondra Bolsinger-cancelled

1986-1987 Ski Trips:
Dec 13 Welch I-Kathy Naber
Dec 27-Jan 1 Lutsen/Spirit-Duane & Linda Van Winkle, Yvonne Wheeler
Jan 10-11 Matsell-Dave Perkins, Janet Owen
Jan 17 Welch II-Chris Kalmar
Jan 23-25 Afton/Welch I-Gaylen Vance
Feb 6-8 Coffee Mill/Lacrosse-Brian Garbe, Sheri Bolton
Feb 14 Sundown-Chuck Webb
Feb 14-15 Spring Green-Margaret Handfelt
Feb 20-22 Afton-Welch II-Glenda Turner
Feb 28 Devil's Head-Sue Goettel
Feb 28-Mar 7 Tahoe-Darcy Parizek
Mar 7 Welch III-Mike Coates
Mar 7-14 Jackson Hole-Helen Carlson

1987-1988 Ski Trips:
Nov 25-29 Keystone with Iowa Ski Club
Dec 12 Welch I-Glenda Roberts, Crystal Orman
Dec 30-Jan 3 Minneapolis Mania-Dick Means
Jan 9-10 Matsell Cross-Country-Jeanne DeMeulenaere
Jan 22-24 LaCrosse/Coffee Mill-Stan Smith
Jan 22-31 Steamboat/Winter Park-Tim Carlson, Julie Minick
Jan 29-31 Afton/Welch-Sue Goettel
Jan 30-31 Spring Green-Carol Thompson
Feb 6 Sundown-Dan Wall
Feb 12-14 Minocqua-Gary Recker
Mar 4-13 Aspen-Darcy Parizek
Mar 5 Welch II-Lynn Sheets, Vicki Leonard

1988-1989 Ski Trips:
Dec 10 Welch-Jim Klauser, Kathy Healy
Jan 7 Matsell Bridge XC-Jim & Jeannie Wittenbel
Jan 13-15 Coffee Mill/LaCrosse-Roberta Latimer
Jan 22 MacBride Rec Area XC-Jim & Pat Healy
Jan 28 Salt Lake City-Steve Heyer, Mike Coates
Feb 4 Galena-Anne Wichael, Diane Dawson
Feb 10-12 Telemark XC-Jeanne DeMeulenaere
Feb 24-26 Afton/Welch-Barbara Kluesner, Jim & Pat Healy
Mar 4 Summit County-Gaylen Vance

1989-1990 Ski Trips:

Dec 9 Welch I-Pat & Jim Healy
Dec 30-Jan 1 Chestnut-Clenda & Jeff Dixon-cancelled
Jan 6-7 Matsell-Lois Kabela, Brenda Neal
Jan 12-14 Afton/Welch-Mark Mulbrook, Tom Campbell
Jan 27-Feb 3 Tahoe-Dee Novak, Jeannie Wittnebel
Feb 3 Welch II-Jill Reinhart
Feb 9-10 Telemark-Jeanne DeMeulenaere, Pat Rohner
Feb 23-25 Devil's Head/Cascade-Anne Wichael, Diane Dawson
Mar 3-10 Big Mountain-Diane Anderson, Terry Jackson, Dick Means
Mar 15-18 Indianhead-Gloria Johnson, Linda Hecklsmiller

1990-1991 Ski Trips:
Nov 21-25 Summit County-Kathy Healy, Kathy Ward
Dec 8 Welch I-Linda Ferguson, Diane Reinertson
Dec 28-Jan 1 Indianhead-Karl Strohbehn, Jill Reinhart
Jan 5 Matsell X-C-Pat Clark, Dave Young
Jan 11-13 Afton/Welch-Brian Garbe, Brenda Neal
Jan 20 Sundown-Rich Wachowiak
Jan 26-Feb 2 Salt Lake City-Yvonne Wheeler, Gloria Johnson
Feb 2 LaCosse-Brian Butts
Feb 8-10 Telemark-Pat Rohner, Suresh Ganu
Feb 17 Sundown-Phyllis Griffin
Feb 22-24 Spirit Mountain-Craig & Roberta Martinson
Mar 2-10 Steamboat-Mark Beiner, Larry Guthrie

1991-1992 Ski Trips:

Nov 27-Dec 1 Keystone-Mike Coates
Dec 7 Welch I-Pat Clark, Pam Newhard, Tim McDonald
Jan 4 Matsell Bridge-Shar Jasperse, Gloria Johnson
Jan 10-12 Afton-Welch-Dan Wall, Mike Woods
Jan 17-26 Vail-Stan Smith-cancelled
Feb 1 Mt. LaCrosse-Jim Landherr
Feb 8-9 Telemark-Annette & Greg Hayes-cancelled
Feb 14-17 Indianhead-Linda Ferguson, Anne Wichael-cancelled
Feb 20-24 Summit County-Wendy Kimm, Jill Reinhart, Tim McDonald
Mar 6-14 Big Mountain-Dick Means, Rose Langguth

1992-1993 Ski Trips:

Nov 25-26 Keystone-Wayne Scheetz
Dec 5 Welch Village-Dan Houghkirk, Mike Seavey
Jan 9 Matsell Bridge-Rich McDonald
Jan 23-25 Afton/Welch-Lois Kabela, Connie Miller
Jan 30-Feb 6 Lake Tahoe-Kathy & Mark Beiner
Feb 6 LaCross-Beth Bohan, Pat Healy
Feb 13-14 Cascade/Devilshead-Brian & Tammy Keller
Feb 25-Mar 1 Summit County-Dick Means
Mar 5-7 Spirit Mountain-K. Strohbehn

1993-1994 Ski Trips:
Nov 24-28 Keystone-Tara Thomas, Dave Lichtenauer
Dec 18 Welch I-Karl Strohbehn, Deb Allison, Erin Hennessey
Jan 8 Matsell Bridge-Dave Henry, Loras Kremer
Jan 21-23 Cascade/Devil's Head-Roger Gordon
Jan 28-30 Root River-Judy Swafford
Feb 11-13 Afton/Welch-Di Ann Stevens, Pat Rohner
Feb 24-28 Taos-Roberta & Craig Martinson
Mar 4-13 Steamboat- Stan Smith, Diane Anderson

1994-1995 Ski Trips:
Nov 23-27 Breckenridge-Gary Recker
Dec 10-11 Sundown-Margie Wright, Brenda Zobeck
Jan 7 Matsell Bridge-Roger Gordon, Anne Wichael
Jan 13-15 Wild Welch-Jeanne Demeulenaere, Greg Strabala
Jan 21-28 Salt Lake City-Don Gray, Brad Hess
Feb 3-5 Telemark-Brian Keller
Feb 11/16-19 Winter Park-Dwayne Grote, Karl Strohbehn
Feb 24-26 Devil's Head/Cascade-Brian Garbe
Mar 4-11 Jackson Hole-Dave Henry, Dan Wall

1995-1996 Ski Trips:
Nov 22-26 Breckenridge-Brenda Zobeck, Sondra Bolsinger
Dec 9-10 Sundown-Kimberly O'Neil
Jan 6 Matsell Bridge-Joan Sebers
Jan 12-14 Wild Welch-Tim & Marsha Fannin
Jan 26-28 Telemark-Gary Donnermeyer, Jeanne DeMeulenaere
Jan 26-Feb 4 Big Mountain-Brad Hess & Kay Johannes
Feb 9-11 Root River Jim & Pat Healy 
Feb 14-18 Vail-Karl Miller
Feb 23-25 Spririt Mountain-Pat Cantaberry, John McLaren-cancelled
Feb 23-25 LaCrosse (replaced Spirit Mountain trip)

1996-1997 Ski Trips:
Nov 27-Dec 1 Breckenridge-Tim & Tina Gull
Dec 14-15 Chestnut-Melinda Harlow, Nick Gibbs
Jan 4 Matsell Bridge-Nancy Gates, Mary Jean Blaisdell
Jan 10-12 Wild Welch-Katy Merrifield, Jo Ann Hanson
Jan 17-19 Telemark-Dan Wall, Allison Allen
Jan 28-36 Whistler-Bill Bonewitz, Brian Garbe (2nd international trip)
Jan 31-Feb 2 Root River-Brenda Zobeck
Feb 8 LaCrosse-Lisa Collins, Melody Atwood
Mar 5-9 Summit County-Vicky Striffler, Dick Means
Jul 25-Aug 8,1997 New Zealand-John Danker, Dick Means (3rd international trip)

1997-1998 Ski Trips:

Nov 26-30 Breckenridge-Sondra Bolsinger, Kay Hess
Dec 13-14 Chestnut-Deb Allison
Jan 3 Red Oak Lodge Matsell-Lisa Collins
Jan 9-11 Afton/Welch-Shawn & Kathy Tone
Jan 29-Feb 1 Telemark Katy Merrifield, Brian Keller
Feb 13-15 Devil's Head/Cascade-Nancy Cleary, JoAnn Hanson
Feb 22-Mar 1 Lake Tahoe-Mark Beiner, Pat Roland
Mar 11-15 Winter Park Ski Train-Vicki Striffler, Steve Serrot

1998-1999 Ski Trips:
Nov 25-29 Breckenridge-Sarah Gordon, Brian Keller
Dec 12-13 Chestnut-Cathy & Dennis Bossard
Jan 9 Red Oak Lodge-Joyce Vorwald, Barb Beach
Jan 15-17 Wild Welch-Jeff Owen, Steve Serrot
Jan 28-31 Indianhead/Blackjack-Tim Fannin, Brian Keller
Feb 5-7 Root River-Fred & Phyllis Hubler
Feb 14-21 Salt Lake City-Loras Kremer, Wendall Sents
Mar 13-20 Steamboat-Dick Mares-cancelled
Mar 27-Apr 3 Jamaica-Linda Ferguson (4th international trip)

1999-2000 Ski Trips:
Nov 24-28 Breckenridge-Lori Heffernan, Chad Newton
Jan 8 Mt. LaCrosse-Steve Serrot
Jan 14-16 Wild/Welch-Ian Bull, Rich McDowell
Jan 29-Feb 5 Aspen Snowmass-Randy Monk, Wendall Sents
Feb 26 Cascade-Nancy Cleary-cancelled
Mar 1-5 Winter Park-Andy & Tanna Burbach

2000-2001 Ski Trips:
Nov 22-26 Breckenridge-Brian Keller
Jan 6 Welch Village-Jeff Owen, Steve Sartori
Jan 21-27 Big Sky-Don Gray, Brad Hess
Feb 2-4 Wild Welch-Kathy & Shawn Tone
Feb 17-18 Upper Wisconsin-Dean Schmidt
Feb 23-25 Devi's Head/Cascade-Brenda & Brian Garbe, Ivan Brinkman

2001-2002 Ski Trips:
Nov 21-25 Breckenridge-Tim & Tina Gull-cancelled
Dec 8 Galena-Stuart Seiler
Jan 11-13 Wild Welch-Tracy & Kelle Klein
Jan 24-27 Upper Michigan-Brian Keller, Dale Bohrer
Feb 9 Cascade-Steve Sartori, Lee Ann Williams-cancelled
Mar 2-8 Jackson Hole-Greg Schultz & Regina Spurgin

2002-2003 Ski Trips:
Jan 11-18 Steamboat Springs, Mary Day, Steve Sartori
Feb 6-9 Lutsen/Spirit Mountain, Dale Bohrer, Suresh Ganu
Feb 21-23 Granite Peak/Cascade, Dean Schmidt, Tom Tapp
Mar 21-28 Cancun Mexico, Linda Ferguson (5th international trip)

2003-2004 Ski trips:
Dec 13 Grand Harbor-Mary Jean Blaisdell
Jan 16-18 Devil's Head-Richard McDowell, Steve Serrot
Feb 5-8 UP Michigan-Brian Garbe, Stuart Seiler
Feb 28-Mar 5 Park City-Dick Means

2004-2005 Ski Trips:
Feb 26-Mar 5 Breckenridge-Deb Steinbaker
Jan 28-30 St Paul Ice Carnival-Jeff Owen, Kim Robu
Feb 11-13 Granite Peak/Cascade-Brian Keller, Leslie Epp

2005-2006 Ski Trips:
Dec 10-11 Dubuque-Mary Jean Blaisdell
Dec 29-Jan 1-UP-Steve Cummings, Marty Stimson-cancelled
Jan 22-29 Tahoe Heavenly-Randy Monk
Feb 10-12 Cascade/Devil's Head-Kim Robu, LeeAnn Williams

2006-2007 Ski Trips:
Nov 26-29 Wendover-Becky Gordon
Jan 26-28 St. Paul Ice Carnival-Jeff Owen
Feb 9-11 Spirit Mountain-Marty Stimson
Mar 3-10 Big Sky-Dick Means, Brenda Garbe

2007-2008 Ski Trips:
Jan 4-6 Chestnut-Dennis Bossard, Linda Ferguson
Jan 18-20 Granite Peak-Steve Cummings, Marty Stimson
Feb 2-9 Park City-Wendall Sents, Brenda Garbe

2008-2009 Ski Trips: 
Jan 9-11 Chestnut-Brian Keller, Dave Brown
Jan 23-25 Winter Carnival-Jeff Owen, Steve Serrot
Feb 7-14 Telluride-Mary Day, Steve Sartori
Jan 28-Sundown-Pat Woods

2009-2010 Ski Trips:
Dec 11-12 Chestnut-Loras Kremer
Dec 28 Sundown-Jim Wittnebel
Jan 16-23 Steamboat-Dick Means
Feb 5-7 Red Wing/Welch-Brenda Garbe, Sandra Cummings
Feb 18-26 Innsbruck-Brian & Tammy Keller (6th international trip)

2010-2011 Ski Trips:
Dec 27 Sundown-Beth Cottingham
Jan 14-16 Spirit Mountain-Steve Sartori
Jan 30-Feb 6 Whitefish-Brenda Garbe, 
Feb 25-27 Devil's Head/Cascade-Brian Keller

2011-2012 Ski Trips: 
Dec 27 Sundown-Dale & Rhonda Bohrer
Jan 13-15 Granite Peak-Jeff Owen, Tim Gull
Feb 5-11 Beaver Creek- Diane Stickney, Chip Scholl
Feb 25-Mar 3 Winter Park- Larry & Teresa Smith

2012-2013 Ski Trips:
Dec 27 Sundown-Larry Smith
Jan 11-13 Wild Welch- Jeff Owen, Linda Berry
Jan 26-Feb 2 Breckenridge-Dale & Rhonda Bohrer
Feb 23-Mar 2 Jackson Hole-Dick Means, Brian Keller

2013-2014 Ski Trips:
Dec 27 Sundown-Larry Smith
Jan 20-12 Welch-Dan & Mary Kay Lombardo
Jan 26 Feb 2 Crested Butte-Brian Keller, Mike Buckman
Feb 7-9 Chestnut-Beth Cottingham, Mary Day
Feb 22-Mar 1 Snowmass/Aspen-Wendall Sents, Kathy Takes

2014-2015 Ski Trips:
Dec 29 Sundown-Larry Smith-
Jan 9-11 Granite Peak-Jeff Owen, Dan Lombardo
Jan 24-31 Copper Mountain-Kathy Takes, Dan Lombardo
Feb 7-14 Big Sky-Brenda Garbe, Cheryl Hines

2015-2016 Ski Trips:
Dec 29 Sundown-Ann Robinson, Beth Cottingham
Jan 8-10 Afton Alps/Welch-Jeff Owen, Dan Lombardo
Jan 22-Feb 4 Interlaken/Prague-Brian & Tammy Keller (7th international trip)
Feb 20-28 Canyons/Park City/Deer Valley-Kathy Takes, Steve Cummings

2016-2017 Ski Trips:
Dec 27 Sundown-Ange Miller, Alison Henkle
Jan 28-Feb 4 Vail-Dale & Rhonda Bohrer
Feb 10-12 Chestnut-Mary Jean Blaisdell, Jane Sents
Feb 26-Mar 5 Banff/Lake Louise-Steve & Sandra Cummings (8th international trip)

2017-2018 Ski Trips: 
Dec 27 Sundown-Duane Grote
Jan 13-20 Steamboat Springs-Mike Monroe, Ruth Van Tol
Feb 9-11 Twin Cities Winter Carnival-Ruth Van Tol, Mary Day, Jeff Owen

2018-2019 Ski Trips:
Dec 27-Sundown-Chris Kalmar-cancelled
Jan 11-13 Cascade/Devil's Head-Sandra Cummings
Jan 26-Feb 2 Beaver Creek-Kathy Takes, Ruth Van Tol
Mar 3-10 Mt. Bachelor-Diane & Chip Scholl