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Why Join?

Do I have to be a member to join in to the one day activities?

Please join us for any summer/winter/spring and fall activity to enjoy a sample of EISC. Any outing that is not an overnight event, you would not have to be a member to participate

Why a ski club in Iowa?

People often ask, "why a ski club in Iowa?".    One thought is, if you lived in a great ski location, then a club is not needed for a ski day, you just go!   But in Iowa, we need to do some planning.  So a club is a great way to go on ski trips with a great group of people.  

How many are in the club?

At this point in the Ski Club we have over 150 active members.   Some range as far as Minnesota and Wisconsin, so you don't have to live in Iowa to be a member.  

How do you get such good prices for great trips?

Every year, we send a board member to the Mountain Travel Symposium.  During this conference our board member "interviews" a variety of vendors for quality and value locations,  lodging and skiing.   The result is world class skiing at competitive pricing.   

Do you cross country ski?

We have a subset of our members who do cross country ski.  Iowa is a great place for opportunities to cross country ski, so we organize as much as possible.  We also focus on information about cross country opportunities on our trips.  

What if I don't ski?

We have a number of folks in our membership who don't ski, but enjoy the trips and social aspect of the club.  We have strong and friendly membership, in some cases helping out others when a personal disaster strikes.   We welcome new members to enjoy this unique social part of our club. 

What if I am a beginning skier, will I feel out of place?

No way!   We have a variety of ski abilities in our club, and all are very helpful and supportive of beginning skiers.   The variety of skiers makes for fun trips, since you can always find someone to ski with for the day.   A number of our members are current and former ski instructors, so you can receive some high quality guidance while learning to ski!

Do you have any snowboard riders in your club?

We have a few folks who enjoy riding their snowboards on our trips.   We encourage anyone who enjoys the gravity sports to join us.  Snowboard riders are very welcome! 

Do you have children in the club?

We have a number of children in our club and enjoy having them join us on trips.   Many of our skiers are encouraging of youngsters to become proficient and courteous skiers & riders.   We have a household membership, which includes adults and children in the same household.  Click to join and chose "Household" as your membership type: Member Signup

Why is your motto "Enjoy the Adventure"?

We took on this statement as a explanation that we are more than a ski club, we enjoy year around activities.  Most are outdoors, but a few are indoors as well, since we have a strong social aspect.   We have done these activities in the past:  wine tour, casino day, murder mystery dinner, Boundary Waters canoe trip, sky dive day, biking weekends, RAGBRAI biking, white water rafting, camping weekends, hockey games, football games, basketball games and much more.    We do focus on skiing as our weeklong trips, but many non-skiers have enjoyed these trips for the touring aspect.   

Can you help to improve my skiing?

Our club members are enthusiast about skiing, and many are or have been ski instructors.  We can give you some pointers to improve your skiing, as well as recommendations for places to take some great lessons.   We also have a snowboard instructor in our membership.   

Do you participate in racing?

Our club does not have a sponsored team, but a few of our members have been and are downhill slalom racers.   We have both men and women who compete, and also snowboard members can compete in the same races.  

Can I attend an event as a guest?

All of our one day events are open to guests, we may ask for a fee for the event.  Member meeting guest no longer has a guest fee!  Many of our one day events such as golf tournament, wine tour and canoe day is open to guests for the price of the event.  This is a good way to meet the folks in the club and see what we are all about.

How do I receive your monthly newsletter without joining?

If you would like to receive our monthly newsletter, Skiddoo, without joining, click on the "Add Me To Your Mailing List" at the top of the website screen.  We have media folks, friends and relatives who receive the newsletter via email, to keep up with our activities. 

How much is your membership?

We have 2 kinds of memberships.  For the individual, the fee is $30.   Our household membership is for all persons living at an address, and the fee is $60. 

How do I join?

New members may join us using our online membership wizard.  You may pay by credit card at the end of the process, or send a check to our Post Office box address given on your invoice. We also have a 3 month trial membership for $5. So try us on!  Click here to join: Member Signup