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Reserve campground places NOW!
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The club is planning an adventure and biking trip to the Quad Cities June 10-12. The biking will be on the Great River Trail and/or any of the many metro trails. There are also possibilities if you want to canoe or kayak. Check out the link for maps of the area that show biking trails in green and paddling routes in blue.

For those of you who wish to CAMP, this is a VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE! The campground we want to use is Fisherman’s Corner which is run by the Corp of Engineers. It is on the Mississippi River and The Great River Trail runs right past the campground. I attempted to secure several sites but the web site requires me to report who is the primary user, the size of the camper, etc. So it looks like any campers should get on the site ASAP and make your own individual reservations. The site is If you have camped at a Corp of Engineers site previously you probably already have an account and know how to use the web site. There are currently several continuous open spots in a LOOP #38-48. The numbered map shows the location, pictures of the site, etc. The sites are a bargain at $20 per night! If you get on the site now and reserve something from #38-48 there’s a good chance you can be near other EISC campers.

My Quad City friends recommended this location and said it is a very popular campground so you need to MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW!

We will have hotel information soon but campgrounds fill up quickly so get on this soon!

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