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CVNT (Cedar Valley Nature Trail) - OPEN
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Operative word: PARTIAL.

Aa always, thanks for correcting :)))

Yes but NO!

Yes, the trail itself is closed between East Otter Road and Lafayette Road. (Bridge out in between at Fishel Road.)

BUT NO, that does not mean that you can't ride further. There is an easy detour, which is POSTED (on a large picture sign). Simply go right on E. Otter and ride the road to Lafayette; go left thru Lafayette and get back on the trail on the right side (ride down the slope). E. Otter is a hard-packed gravel road which is easily ridden with a road or any other bike.

This part of the trail is maintained by Linn County Conservation Dept.; and information about the trail is readily available on that website. Info is also available on the LCTA (Linn County Trails Assn.) website.

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