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Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing-Pinicon Ridge
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Will I guess if the ski club can't handle being in a building with 40 miles/per winds then we need to rethink cross-country skiing outside in that wind. Even though we will be a little protected by the tress, I don't feel I want to break a tail through on trails I am not familiar with in these weather conditions. Especially since these trails are more challenging. So we are cancelling skiing today.

Since mother nature is giving us a chance to cross-country skiing tomorrow, let get out and ski. Let's meet at the Horse Shoe lodge and be ready to ski at 1:30. There is a trail nearby or if we decide can drive to other trails. I would like to take WoodPecker trail to Horseshoe falls. The lodge will not be open yet but that no difference than our usual outings. Sky for an hour and a half or more.

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