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Pinicon Ridge camping-sketchy?
Kimberly Betts
Hello fellow campers,

I had suggested camping at Pinicon Ridge before the Kickoff, but the campgrounds are not to be opened because of flooding and damage until Friday and only partially. The news was hard to find online, but I did find a webpage with info as thus:

Pinicon Ridge Park-Flying Squirrel Campground: Plan to have Upper A & Upper B Loops open this Friday. Lower A, B & C Loops will remain closed until repairs can be made.

I am thinking about not camping, as I don't want to get there and find either no slots available or that the electrical connections are bad or something like that. I have never camped there and I don't know what the upper & lower loops are and the number of slots that will be available. If someone else has more information, I might reconsider.

Taken from:

Kim Betts
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