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News / Articles Ski Pass Discount for EISC Members

Steve Cummings | Published on 5/2/2024 ski pass discount for EISC Members has an EISC discount for those who want to buy and Epic or Ikon Ski Pass this season. 


Epic and Ikon pass sales are open for purchase. has updated our pass link so it has a new look. Here is the dedicated East Iowa Ski Club link.


We know the club is doing Whitefish resort, which is one of the last remaining independent resorts; however, will still offer a land package credit if someone purchases an Ikon or Epic through the link.


Ikon is again offering a special group member only program with the details attached. First time Ikon pass holders save $90 off the new Ikon pass price $1159 vs $1249. Ikon base is $829 vs $869. Renewal pricing is $10 less. There is no group pricing program on the Ikon base plus pass. This group member pricing will be valid until beginning of September but price increases will happen. The first deadline is May 3 for the lowest pricing. Renewal pricing ended April 17.


The club can earn comp passes for selling Ikon and Epic passes. Each pass requires $20,000 for a comp ikon base or epic local and $26000 for full Ikon or $25000 for Full Epic.  


Again, people who purchase on our link will get a $50 land package credit for full epic or Ikon and $30 land package credit for epic local or ikon base.


Article by Steve Cummings.