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Caribbean Cruise Recap

Cathy Dick | Published on 6/1/2024

The photo you see on page one of this issue is of beautiful Cane Garden Bay, on the island of Tortola. I spent four hours on this beach as one of the several shore excursions NCL offered for this stop. It did not disappoint. We rode on a golf cart type vehicle to get there from one side of the island to the other, on narrow roads that were at least a 15% grade or more. It was an interesting ride with beautiful views!

There was plenty to do for everyone. Tom Conrey and Sandra Cummings enjoyed the water slides on the boat.

Many of us lounged around the boats pool and went on shore excursions at each port.



My shore excursions included a tram ride to a look-out point on St. Thomas, several hours on the beach in Puerto Plata, DR, and several hours on the beach in Tortola.

Steve and Sandra Cummings went diving in underwater “motorscooters”as well as hiking on Virgin Gorda.

Sandra, Leanne & Tom by the boat pool.  

Overall, we had a fantastic weeklong trip with great weather, food and fun!  The drinks weren’t bad either!  Just ask anyone about the “Lemon Drop Martini’s”!

Our group met every night at 5:00 pm at the Mixx Lounge for happy hour and to touch base on how our day was going.

It was a fun week of island exploring, leisurely strolls on the ship deck, sleeping in, and not having to worry about what to cook, eat or drink for dinner every night!

Happy Hour on the ship--Dick Means & Mary Troyer up front. Other EISC members in the rear.  Good conversation every day at 5pm for happy hour!   

Bob Warner, Wayne Van Gorp, Joan Gray, Don Gray, Bill Clark, Jill Clark & Ann Groom. Enjoying happy hour!

Sandra Cummings, Judy Monk, Brenda Warner, Brenda Van Gorp and Joan Gray

Most of the group enjoying happy hour!