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Published on 3/29/2022 Ski Pass Special


In 2023 the EISC is planning to travel to two ski resorts that are part of the IKON ski pass system.  We will be offering five out of six-day lift ticket packages on both ski trips, so the 2022/23 IKON pass isn’t needed for the two EISC trips.  This article is for the members who want to ski more than the trips the EISC is offering at IKON Pass resorts.  The IKON pass is similar to the Epic pass with different price and resort access levels.  The full IKON pass should cover both of the resorts we are planning on visiting, if you are interested. is running a special on both IKON and Epic passes again, so we thought we would pass on the details.  Below is from is running the same Ski Pass promotion again and with IKON, there is a special group member pricing option for your club members by using the link since they are members of East Iowa Ski Club. The Full IKON online is $1079 but when using the group link below, we can offer it at $999 and Ikon base is $769 online and with the special group member pricing, it comes down to $729. Your club members will see the special group member pricing after they click the buy now tab. You can’t advertise these special prices except on your secure private club correspondence. (so you couldn’t post it on an open Facebook account but if it is a private group you can.)  There is a $30 credit when the IKON pass is used on an EISC trip, the same as last year.  Details on what resorts are covered can be found on the IKON website.


2022/23 Special Group Pass Pricing

                                [Adult]                    [Youth]                   [Child]*                  [4 & under]

Ikon Base Pass:     $729                       $549                       $199                       $99

Ikon Pass:              $999                        $739                      $239*                     $149