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Copper Mountain Ski Trip 2023 Recap

Dale Bohrer | Published on 4/6/2023

Copper Mountain trip | February 20 – 26, 2023

The EISC had a great week & successful trip to Copper Mountain Feb 20th-26th. Copper is a fun resort to visit & the club members had a great time skiing, enjoying the entertainment, relaxing in a very warm hot tub & spending time with our EISC friends in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. This was our first Monday through Sunday trip in an attempt to avoid the weekend traffic and crowds. Our condos were moved back a little to the Village Square (larger condos – three bathrooms) so we could have the rooms grouped together in the same building.

Copper is set up pretty well with three villages, each with condos, bars and restaurants. We had great snow once again and there were plenty of blue cruisers to keep everyone busy all week. The groomed runs were fun to carve up and we had light snow most nights to give us a taste of powder. The bubble covered lift came in handy during an afternoon heavy snowstorm. It was great fun bouncing around in the fluffy new snow.

The wind on the top was wicked at times, but we managed. Copper has more than 2,500 skiable acres, but some of that includes the two back bowls that only a few in the group skied. Following the Snowmass trip the runs seemed shorter & the ski area seemed significantly smaller. It is a very fun ski resort, but we probably should have gone to Copper first.

We need to thank two EISC members - Randy Monk and Sheryl Leonard, who took most of the group on a Copper Mountain Ambassador tour. Randy served as an ambassador host at Copper Mountain for 13 years and Sheryl has spent a lot of time on the mountain and knows it well. It was a noble idea, however there were some problems with the application. We probably should have broken the group up some as we had too many members of varying skiing abilities spread out on the runs all at the same time, which caused some issues. I believe six of the original group did manage to finish the tour.

Our condos were located in the Center village, which is the largest village with the most shops, bars and restaurants. At the end of the week, this area hosted the Mountain Dew tour (X-games style competition) which was entertaining, but made things more crowded at the base. Early in the week many of group got on their dancing shoes for some apres ski fun with the Lefty Lucy band at Jacks. Later in the week a large number of members were spotted enjoying an afternoon with Copper Mountain legend Mo Dixon in the East village. There was more dancing & sing-a-long fun until 6:30 or so when the bands quit for the evening. Although this seemed too early to quit, it may be designed to get the skiers headed back to the condos for the next day of skiing.

Dale and Rhonda did a great job as Trip Leaders. With help from Keven and Edie Lubben they hosted a great taco night party in their condo. Everyone agreed this sure beat a wine & cheese party – it was an outstanding idea with plenty of Mexican cuisine the entire group could enjoy. The food on the mountain and in the villages did seem exceptional this trip. Our condo had a night at the Sawmill Pizza that was a lot of fun and had some superior wood fired pizzas.

“We want to thank everyone that was on the Copper Mountain trip. From skiing, to snowboarding, to dancing and singing, everyone should have had a good time. We know there were a few mishaps and aches and pains, but overall, we give the trip a 10. For now, we are looking forward to upcoming events and more skiing next year”.

~ Dale and Rhonda Bohrer