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March 18 Meeting Recap

Marty Stimson | Published on 4/6/2023

March 18 Meetings at KC Hall on E Ave NE

It was another fun gathering and turnout for the March EISC member meeting. Steve Cummings, President, started off the meeting by welcoming everyone, thanking all our volunteers and door workers, and welcoming our two new members, Tom and Loretta Conrey.

A thank-you goes out to Lois Coates for leading the nominating committee and a congratulations to Bill Clark as our newest board member. Marty Stimson shared we have a good group, 22, going on the upcoming Niagara Falls trip in May. But unfortunately, the club had to cancel the August Yellowstone trip. The club just didn’t have enough trip takers to make it a go, and in Sandra Cummings usual style, she had a great “poem” to introduce the summer golf outing plans. Dale and Rhonda Bohrer gave a great summary of the Cooper Mountain Ski trip which wrapped up the last winter ski trip.

The board then shared a new pricing policy for all major trips going forward that will account for the additional credit card fee for those paying by credit card. For all future major trips, there will be both a “cash” trip price and a “credit card” price for all trip options.

The summer activities and outings have now come together too. You can check all those out throughout this Skiddoo issue, and it’s not too early for your board to start planning next year’s non-ski trips. Your board is always open to trip ideas. One of those brought forward is a cruise to the Caribbean in April of next year. We are still working on the details so stay tuned to see if we can get this trip idea put together.

~article by Marty Stimson