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Quad Cities camp & bike weekend recap

Tim Gull | Published on 10/13/2023

The weekend of September 22nd 14 ambitious Ski Club members descended on Hampton, IL to Fisherman’s corner for an awesome bike trip. There were the glampers, you know who you are; Bill and Jill, Keven and Edie in their over-the-top RVs, and the pop-up camper types with the heaters and AC, then there were the poor people who stayed at the Holiday Inn who missed out on the coffee in the fresh morning air and the mesmerizing campfire at night.

The group biked from the campground around 9:00 am on a nice level asphalt trail paralleling the sparking Mississippi river observing white cranes, turtles and an assortment of wildlife. The trail passed gated communities, Catfish Charlies (where some of us returned that night to see why Brian Ferentz should be unemployed). The John Deere combine works in Moline and past marinas full of yacht like boats that the owners have little time to enjoy. The trail opened up to a long beautiful landscaped flower park full of artwork that continued to the new I-74 Bridge that crossed over to Davenport.

The bridge is a sight to behold with an observation deck midway to stop and appreciate the river and its banks. Davenport had rows of mansions of early business tycoons. There was a long riverfront park with more artwork that led to an entertainment district near the Modern Woodman stadium where the River Bandits play. Some of the group ate their way around the farmer’s market and others, a microbrewery with live music. The group then biked across the Government Bridge to Rock Island passing Arsenal Island and eventually retracing our route back to the campground. We traveled nearly 30 miles so a cold beverage was required upon our return. A good time was had by all and a special thanks to our tour Guide Rick who offered both fiction and nonfiction to the tour.
One take away after observing many older people biking in the community how an E-bike has enriched their lives allowing them to be active and be a kid again. Looking forward to where the next bike trip may take us.

Article by Tim Gull | photos by Ann Robinson, Bev Brown & Rick Baker