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Nominating Committee Report

Mary Day, Connie Miller, Rosanne VanCura | Published on 1/2/2024

The nominating committee has recommended the following individuals for a two-year term on the East Iowa Ski Club Board:  Steve Cummings, Todd Eadie, Tim Gull and James Toothaker. The term will begin in April 2024 and run through April 2026.  Biographies of the nominees will appear in the January and February Skiddoo. The election will be held at the February 2024 meeting.  An absentee ballot will be printed in the February Skiddoo for those who are unable to attend the meeting. Submitted by the nominating committee:  Mary Day, Connie Miller, Rosanne VanCura.

Steve Cummings

Hi I’m Steve Cummings and decided to run for re-election for the 2024 EISC board of directors. My wife Sandra and I have been members of the club for about 20 years and I have served on the board in many different capacities in the past. While a member of the EISC, I have skied at some of nicest resorts on the greatest mountains in the world and I am grateful for the opportunity. We enjoy the bicycle rides, golf outings and other entertaining activities with friends as members of the ski club. We are all fortunate to be a part of such an active, positive, fun group. Serving on the board has been a positive experience and I welcome the opportunity to help keep the EISC moving forward.

Todd Eadie

I have been a member of EISC since January 2023. Since becoming a member, I have met many fun and friendly people. My interests include downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, golfing and biking. I have served as a Ski Trip Co-Chair on the Minneapolis Ski & Fun Trip that included both skiing and non-skiing activities. I have also joined the Beaver Creek, CO ski trip. I am very excited to ski in Colorado again since skiing Steamboat, CO many years ago. As a Board member, I will work to help serve the club by continuing to provide fun and exciting events year around.

Tim Gull

I have a skiing addiction. It started when I was 12 at Sundown and has gotten progressively worse. Skiing has affected my bank account, relationships and mental attitude. Joining EISC nearly 30 years ago has been therapeutic to my condition. During that time | rode on the coat tails of the board members before me who put in the work to launch trips and grow the club. I have been on the board for the past election cycle and if you have me, I will give my best for another term.

James Toothaker

Most of you will recognize me at this point, but I am one of the younger members of this club, I have been a member of the board for this last term, I am seeking re-election to the board so that I can continue to contribute to the club in any way that I can. My interests include Skiing, Hiking, Sailing and Flying. I am really grateful that the club allows me to go on much more exciting and affordable trips than I could manage without the Club structure. I look forward to participating in the club regardless of if I remain on the board or not.