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Marty Stimson's Update

Marty Stimson | Published on 1/31/2024

For those that missed the January Chili and Soup Cookoff meeting, I want to share my story with everyone so you all know why I will have to be away from my Ski Club duties for a while, and to thank Steve and the rest of the board for filling in for my while I am away. The Minneapolis Weekend Fun and Ski trip was a fantastic time but when we got home Sunday Jan 7, I shared with my doctor some unusual feelings I was experiencing on the trip Saturday evening and she suggested I still go the ER to have them check me out. That is where my new story begins.


Early Tuesday morning, Jan 9, I had surgery to remove a 1 & 1/2" cancerous tumor from the frontal right side of my head. My doctor said the surgery went well - but like many cancer surgeries, they can't get it all. I will have a 6-week radiation and chemo regiment that is to start February 5.  So, I will be away from the club for a bit, while I go through all this treatment and recovery time for which I am fully ready for.


The hardest part to all of this is, for a few months I can't join you for all the fun events our club does, or entertain visitors. Germs unfortunately are not our friends so it's isolation for me until I build my immune system back. So, in my absence, please give all your help and support to your Vice President and everyone else on the board as you all always do, and of course, an occasional dose of harassment to Steve is still OK!  But most of all - carry on and have fun!!!


From the bottom of my heart - thank you everyone for all the kind words, thoughts, prayers and cards sent to both Janet and I while I heal.  Thanks, Steve, for taking back over as President again. 



Your goofy old President, Marty