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Beaver Creek Colorado Ski Trip Recap

Ruth Van Tol | Published on 2/29/2024

Twenty-two EISC members arrived in Beaver Creek 1/27 via car-pooling and three new members, Tom, Thia and Grant came via air/shuttle from Minneapolis and Detroit.


Our accommodations were at The Borders Lodge with four in beautiful two bedroom, two bath units. Interestingly, several of us were assigned to the same unit we stayed in 2019.

A contingent of excited skiers hit the slopes first thing Sunday morning. Others took the day to familiarize themselves with the Village, the town of Avon and to acclimate to the altitude. The Village Connect app made it easy to request transportation on demand to get up to the resort and transfer to the Avon Skier shuttle that took riders into town.

Sunday evening a group dinner was held in two condos directly across from each other. Because we had nine people who had never been on a club trip, name tags were used to help folks get to know each other. Conversations may have been somewhat limited since there was a fair amount of interest in the football playoffs.


There seemed to be one condo cheering Detroit and the other San Francisco.


Ski conditions during the week had pros and cons: the temperatures were very mild and pleasant but conditions were a bit spring like. There was a clear need for new snow. Lift lines and crowds didn’t exist. Several skiers made their way to Vail for a day. New members Pam and Lori did snowshoeing as a primary activity during the week and several others snowshoed once to take a break from skiing. David and his dad Bob took a day to snowmobile. Other new members Todd and Scott were seen carving up the slopes. Liv got daily coaching from grandparents, Diane and Chip. Grant and Tom’s skiing abilities improved markedly after a long lapse of not being on skis. We won’t tell how Thia made it down the slopes on her first day!


A group picture had been planned for Sunday evening but dinner and the gameinterfered with that happening. So, on Thursday evening with the weather being so mild, the group met in The Border’s lobby, had a group picture taken and then took a shuttle to the resort. We found seating around a fire pit and waited for a weekly event of skiers coming down the mountain with glow sticks after dark and then a fireworks show. 

While waiting for the show to start there was a lot of conversation about the week and the fun everyone was having.


Weather alerts on several phone apps had most travelers packing and heading home on Friday to avoid the snowstorm that was predicted to move into the area. Just six travelers stayed overnight on Friday and fortunately had no problems leaving Saturday morning.


The only disappointing thing about the trip was that Beaver Creek received 23 inches of snow in the 48 hours after we had left! Overall, however, it was a great trip!